How to Configure Zscaler GRE Tunnel with Cisco ISR for Internet Security

This post is to illustrate the process of configuring the Zscaler GRE tunnel with Cisco ISR for cloud internet security. The main goal of this configuration is to set up the GRE tunnel and send all internet traffic via the tunnel for web filtering, when Tunnel is not available, traffic falls back to the standard internet connection.

Network Topology


1. 1x Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Router

2. Zscaler cloud security subscription with GRE capability.

3. Static Public IP configured on the router.

Zscaler Admin Portal Configuration

1.Log into Zscaler’s admin portal, logged a ticket to support to pre-configure the GRE tunnel for you on their end, you can give them a simple table like below

LocationSource Public IPPrimary Destination Public IPSecondary Destination Public IPPrimary Destination Internal RangeSecondary Destination Internal RangePhysical Location
Location A22.22.22.22216.66.5.49165.225.226.42??Your Address A
Location B33.33.33.33216.66.5.49165.225.226.42??Your Address B

2. Once you got the information for the other end, you will be able to “Add Location” from the “Administration” Tab

3. you will be able to select your public static IP address and GRE tunnel information


4. You then can create a new URL Filtering Policy using the created location to permit or block traffic based on category or your definition


Cisco ISR configuration

Please be aware we are not using the 2nd tunnel as the failover is using direct internet.

=======Interface Config=============

interface Tunnel10
 description *** Zscaler Tunnel***
 ip address
 tunnel source
 tunnel destination

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0.921
 description *** to Core SWI ***
 encapsulation dot1Q 22
 ip address
 ip nat inside
 ip policy route-map rm-PBR

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
 description *** Internet Interface ***
 ip address
 ip nat outside
 load-interval 30
 media-type rj45
 negotiation auto
=========NAT and Routing Config=============

ip nat inside source route-map rm-NAT interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 overload

ip route
ip route name Zscaler-test
ip route name internal-Subnet
========ACL for the Route Map============

ip access-list extended acl-NAT
 10 deny   ip any
 20 permit ip any

ip access-list extended acl-Zscaler
 10 deny   ip host
 30 deny   ip
 40 deny   ip
 50 deny   ip
 60 permit ip any
===========IP SLA and Tracking======================

ip sla 20
 icmp-echo source-interface Tunnel10
  frequency 10

ip sla schedule 20 life forever start-time now

track 20 ip sla 20 reachability
 delay down 20 up 20
=====Route Map PBR========

route-map rm-NAT permit 10
 match ip address acl-NAT
 match interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
route-map rm-PBR permit 20
 match ip address acl-Zscaler
 set ip next-hop verify-availability 1 track 20
route-map rm-PBR permit 30

Useful links

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