How to Configure VRRP between Fortinet and Cisco

This post is about configuring VRRP between Fortinet Fortigate and Cisco


Fortigate firewall and Cisco router’s interfaces are configured using sub-interface, the physical interface will also work here.

100 is the VRRP Group ID

FortiGate Firewall has a higher priority 255, so it will be the master

Cisco Configuration

interface Vlan7
description ***  VRRP_VLAN ***
ip address
ip nat inside
ip virtual-reassembly in
vrrp 100 ip
vrrp 100 priority 100
vrrp 100 preempt

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Configuration

As of today with FortiOS 7.0.7, it still does not have the option in GUI for VRRP.

config system interface
edit "VLAN7"
        set vdom "root"
        set ip
        set allowaccess ping https snmp http fgfm fabric
        set alias "VRRP_VLAN"
        set device-identification enable
        set vrrp-virtual-mac enable
        config vrrp
            edit 100
                set vrip
                set priority 255
                set preempt enable
                set status enable
        set role lan
        set snmp-index 20
        set interface "internal5"
        set vlanid 7

VRRP status

ICTFellaFW01 # get router info vrrp 
Interface: VLAN7, primary IP address:
  UseVMAC: 1, SoftSW: 0, BrPortIdx: 0, PromiscCount: 1
  HA mode: primary (0:0:1) VRRP master number: 1
  VRID: 100 verion: 2
    vrip:, priority: 255 (255,0), state: MASTER
    adv_interval: 1, preempt: 1, ignore_dft: 0 start_time: 3
    master_adv_interval: 100, accept: 1
    vrmac: 00:00:5e:00:01:64
    vrgrp: 0

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